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11.14.11 And so it begins…

11.14.11 Romney, Cain, and …I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.

11.15.11 The Last Resorts: Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman, & Co.

11.16.11 Save a Horse, Ride a Mountie.

11.16.11 Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and others that should be shipped off to The Island

11.17.11 Oohs and OWS: The Occupy Movement and Why We Should Just Start Over

11.18.11 You can’t spell NAMBLA without NBA.

11.18.11 “The Starks are always right eventually. Winter is coming.”

11.20.11 The Super Superfluous Super Committee

11.30.11 Return to The Island: Katy Perry, the Cast of Twilight, and Others

12.09.11 Has Obama won the 2012 General Election yet??

1.17.12 My Fantasy Primary Season

1.18.12 10 Things You Should Probably Know About SOPA

1.24.12 Canada: Greatest Nation in the World?

2.20.12 A President’s Day Rant: Our Gift to You

3.22.12 Airport Security Vs. Terrorism: A Terribly Uneven Fight

4.10.12 Everything you need to know about the Birth Control debate (Except why we’re debating it)

5.09.12 Clarification: What I Really Think of Republicans & Why it is Important to Talk Politics

5.20.12 Canada: Greatest Nation in the World? Part II

5.22.12 Church & State & You: An Even MORE Convoluted Trinity*

5.22.12 The Top 10 National Animals

5.29.12 New Rules (A Subtle, Innocent Theft of Bill Maher’s Intellectual Property)

5.31.12 Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain and My Subsequent Thematic Shift

6.04.12 US v. Mary Jane

6.05.12 Really, Fellow White People?? You disappoint me.

6.06.12 The New Political Wife

6.17.12 Upcoming Children’s Movies (That are NOT Just for Kids)

6.17.12 15 New/Upcoming Grown-Up Movies (That are NOT just for adults)

6.19.12 Vagina.

6.24.12 Seth Grahame-Smith’s Unholy Night

6.28.12 Un-American

6.29.12 Top 10 Greatest National Mottos (Contributor)

7.03.12 History.

7.03.12 Now that we’re officially stuck with it, what the hell is Obamacare?

7.11.12 Rich Froning is BOSS!

7.11.12 Why Nerds Make the Best Lovers (unfinished and currently undergoing major revisions)

7.14.12 All My TARDISes

8.17.12 Why not vote for Mitt Romney? The guy seems legit.

11.02.12 The Law of Averages

3.28.13 A Possible Future of American Warfare

6.22.13 Media Narratives and What YOU Can Do to Ignore Them

9.08.13 Top 5 Stupid Phrases We Like Way Too Much

9.11.13 Top 10 Best Movie Treasure Rooms

9.11.13 “Syria”

10.1.13 Top 7 Reasons Why the Government Shutdown Doesn’t Matter and We Should All Calm the Hell Down



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