The Original Duel Citizen. Interestingly, I am not a dual citizen.


My name is actually Elena Sanchez.

My parents didn’t name me The Duel Citizen, although they did almost name me Emmanuel Labor or Mario Speedwagon. These are among the reasons I am glad to have been born female.

I grew up in Bakersfield, California, which is where I cultivated my love of writing, politics, and people. My friends, family, and teachers were huge inspirations in these areas. After graduating high school, I moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where I am currently attending Carleton University and majoring in Political Science with a concentration in North American Politics, and a minor in Film.

I also co-host the Rise-Up every Monday morning at 8 a.m. and The Filibuster every Friday at the same time on CKCU 93.1 fm, Carleton’s student radio station, with Citizen Campbell. I often try to write the Duel Citizen in response to or in tandem with that day’s radio discussion, though we have been known to get a bit off-topic.



Jordan Campbell is the first official contributor for The Duel Citizen.

As a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Managing People and Organizations, and Human Resources graduating from Carleton University, and having worked for the Sprott School of Business for a year, Jordan is often the more calm, rational, and probably credible of the Duel Citizen writers. He writes things that are fun, and also usually well-researched and high-quality. (Whereas I basically rant.)

Campbell is my co-host for both The Rise-Up on Monday mornings at 8 am on CKCU 93.1 fm, and The Filibuster (same time, same place), where we discuss American, Canadian, World, and University politics… and whatever else pops into our brains.

And Jordan plays terrible, terrible music.




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