About The Duel Citizen

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One was forgotten; one had his face plastered on the $10 bill. One did not fight fair; the other did. When you respect the duel, the duel respects you.

“The Duel Citizen” is meant to be a clever play on words.

Someone who is a legal and legitimate citizen of two separate, sovereign states is generally called a “dual citizen.” With an A. So that’s not what I mean. At least, not entirely.

There are 3 main purposes of this blog:
1) To discuss duality in citizenship (literally, figuratively, ideologically, etc.)
2) To start a duel
3) To supplement The Rise Up and The Filibuster, the CKCU 93.1 fm radio talk shows hosted by the contributors.

This blog is devoted to “duality in citizenship,” meaning the feeling that you belong to two separate entities. What is meant by this is not only the discussion of cultural differences between two countries, like the United States and Canada (there is  certainly a lot of that), or ideological differences between liberals and conservatives (of which there is much more), but also to the discussion of both sides of an issue for the purpose of greater understanding. Consider yourself a “citizen” of anything about which you care passionately if that helps, meaning that a “dual citizen” would be someone who cares about both sides and finding a solution. So basically, to get the debate (duel) started, any conflicting ideas/viewpoints are fair game for discussion on The Duel Citizen.

Hence “duel” vs. “dual.”

[We generally start on the liberal side, inviting conservatives, liberals, moderates, and everyone else to join in with their contributions. Writing from a bipartisan point of view is hard for some.]

Which is when we get to the “duel” part. I have always felt that talking politics, especially with people who disagree with you, is better for everyone involved. Not only does the actual discussion help present a more accurate picture of the information that exists, but one of three good things will occur as an outcome: a) your opinions are re-affirmed and you leave the debate twice as convicted as you were when you entered it, b) your opponent blew your mind, reversed your position, and now with the strength of their argument at your back, you are twice as convicted as you were when you entered it, or c) you reached a stalemate, which is exciting because that means you’ve found a really good topic. A problem that’s not easily solved. I, for one, like a challenge.

The goal of this website is to start discussions and debates like this. We live in an extremely divisive, highly-charged and polarized political environment right now; perhaps the best thing to do is attack it head-on, working with your opponent to solve problems, instead of trying to pretend that your opponent is just going to go away. We have to share this space with one another, so let’s try to be productive.

And maybe even have some fun with it.



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