It’s December 2016. Hillary Clinton is President-Elect.

A group of disgruntled Trump supporters gathers in a garage, bitterly grumbling about their days at work – same old stuff, but it’s just so much worse now for some reason.
One of them tells a story about a smug liberal coworker. The others grunt and nod in mutual understanding. That kind of person is just the worst. You know, the kind of person who is happy their candidate won. Assholes.
Another person mentions how the businesses that were discriminating against Trump supporters have all taken their signs down. So if they want to, the group can go and eat there without the owners knowing who they are. That’ll show ’em. They all chuckle.
And then the chuckling dies down.
Nah, you know what would really show ’em? I say we hit back. Because what gives them the right to come into our country and tell real Americans what we can and can’t do? That’s discrimination! That’s a hate crime. It’s an infringement on my Constitutional rights! And two can play at that game.
Then they don their white hoods, and they torch the restaurants, the churches and mosques, the women’s clinics, who knows what else – everything that doesn’t stand for white Christian straight male supremacy.
& Maybe it’s not December. Maybe it’s 2017. January, July, October, does it matter? What can we do to prevent it?

The Republicans who are voting for Trump have been “awakened,” not that they haven’t already been boisterously embarrassing the country since around 2007 (give or take the Bush years). Have we forgotten the enduring popularity of Rick Santorum? Michele Bachmann? This is the final stage of the Tea Party’s metamorphosis, from the Party of Hannity and Beck and O’Reilly, to that of EMPEROR TRUMP. What reason do you have to believe any of these supporters will quiet down? Have their figureheads finally abandoned them? Not really. Because THESE PEOPLE never truly wanted Romney, or Ryan, or McCain. They wanted Palin. And now, when they’re so close to getting the *super candidate* of their fever dreams, they’re not just going to throw in the towel and accept the “will of the people” should a Democrat win.

They ARE ALSO the people, remember? And they’re the people who believe violence solves problems.

I don’t think it’s a paranoid stretch to predict impending conflict. Judging from current events, those conflicts will escalate and becoming increasingly more intense. What IS a stretch is pretending this isn’t entirely the GOP’s fault, for willfully manipulating the media and their constituents for so long, turning America into a sun-addled prospector lapping at a stream of opiating vitriol for nothing more than fool’s gold.

But maybe, on this one occasion, the fools have a point: the GOP establishment has to go the way of the phoenix, & SOON.