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It all started with a cake.

I have a friend who loves to bake. She’s good at it, too, and she likes to get creative. So when she volunteers to make you a birthday cake, you say “YES, PLEASE!!”

This I what I got:


I loved it! (She hated it.) It reminded me of the birthday cake Hagrid gave Harry when he came to get him in the first book. Plus, it was delicious.

But the inflow of TARDISes didn’t stop there. After seeing my reaction once, everyone now knew my weakness.

This was a gift from the same friend:



As was this (the mug):


The TARDIS disappears from a random street in London (well, probably Cardiff) and appears in deep space! I call it TARDIS Tea – no matter what liquid is actually in there.

… And please don’t judge the Cylon tuna sandwich; I have a Graystone toaster. NBD. [Caprica was a tragically under-appreciated show.]

But then! Christmas came! And by this time, everyone knew of my TARDIS fixation. I mean… What’s not to love about a tiny, blue, wooden, physically impossible time&spaceship driven by a madman from beyond the stars??!

The good news is that it made gift ideas much simpler. Another friend capitalized on my weakness for our Secret Santa exchange! Behold, one of the best gifts I’ve ever received:


It was ridiculously hard to transport, but so unbelievably awesome. The plan was to somehow affix it to my bedroom door, thus making my room The TARDIS for all intents and purposes (besides the intents and purposes of traveling through time and space) but we have not yet been able to figure out how…

Still! It’s pretty damn awesome! And since he knew there was no way to give me a real TARDIS, he even threw in a miniature one!


It spins and moves when you pull it back… well, sometimes.

That’s all for now!

A little while ago, someone suggested I get the iPhone case, which I have to admit is pretty sweet:


But personally, I’m working my way up to THIS, the Holy Grail of all TARDIS memorabilia:

THE TARDIS DRESS!!! (Click image to see more. There’s quite a variety! All made by wonderful, talented, imaginative, and very nerdy people.)

And for those of us who are sensitive about our figures, it comes with a handy, ready-made excuse: We’re SUPPOSED to be bigger on the inside.