Have you ever read a history book and wondered what it would be like to live back then? What would it have been like to fight in the Revolution or to discover a new world? What side would you have been on in the French Revolution? The Russian? The Mexican? Well we ARE living “back then.” In a couple hundred years, people are going to think back to these days and wonder what it would have been like to be us. They will wonder what it was like to live in the days of Obama and the war on terror, the days of gay rights and the days of corporate politics. They will wonder about the people who lived in such charged and divisive times, who each day endured the abuses of a social, legal, and economic conspiracy that would keep them disenfranchised. Do you want to be that chapter where the sun finally rose, and the people cried out “Enough!” and finally fought back, broke free from their chains, and battered headfirst through the prison walls? Do you at least want to be the footnote that mentions a small band of righteous rebels who struggled valiantly, but ultimately were defeated? Or do you want to be a whole book on the people who just let it happen? If I do nothing else with my life, I at least want to keep that book from being written. We need to retake history for us, because it belongs to us. We have a right to write it the way we want it to be written while it is still our present; we have a right to determine how we will be remembered.